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Minggu, 30 Oktober 2011

PES 2011 Penalty Tutorial

pes 2011 chip penalty Hi PES players,
In PES 2010 we have had complains of not receiving enough or ANY penalty opportunities. Luckily that changed in PES 2011. Through the course of taking penalities, I have taken a liking towards the chipped penalty. And there are three reasons why.
  1. It is easy to execute
  2. It is an effective way to beat the keeper
  3. It is pleasing to the eye

PES 2011 Penalty Taking

Before continuing on the chipped penalty, I will just do a brief runthrough of taking a penalty in PES 2011.
  1. Tap shoot button
  2. (Optional) Press Up/ Down directional button
  3. (Optional) Press Front/ Back directional button
I realised that tapping the shoot button only activates the run up to the shot. The duration of the button pressed does not affect the power of the shot.
In step 2, the pressing of Up/ Down button will determine the direction of your shot, either to the left, or right, of the keeper. Hold it slightly longer to aim for the bottom corner. If you wish to hit it down the middle, you do not have to press any button in step 2.
Step 3 determines the power of your shot. By default, your shot will be low along the ground. Tapping the front directional button will send it towards the roof. Tapping the back directional button will give the ball a gentle chip.
Perhaps there is a problem with my controller, but you may experience times when the shot does not go where it should go despite holding onto the appropiate buttons. I guess the game controls are not sensitive at times.

Chip Penalty

My purpose for this post is to recommend the chipped penalty.
In PES 2011, I tend to hit a chipped penalty to the side. To do this,
  1. Tap Shoot Button
  2. Tap Left/ Right (or hold the buttons for half a second)
  3. Tap Back

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