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Sabtu, 29 Oktober 2011

How to Penalty Kick For PES 2011 (PS3&PC)

The lovers of PES (Pro Evolution Soccer), still many are confused how to kick a penalty (Penalty Kick)? This time, We will teach you how to do a penalty kick is sharp and accurate. Check this:

1. Look a Your Skill Piece Taker. So, better-choose kicker who skill above 90 such as C. Ronaldo or Messi.

2. A calm demeanor. Your Emotion and passion is crucial at all. If,  I am in an unstable emotional state, of course, no concentration  to push stick button / keyboard which causes an inaccurate kick. In fact, it could stray. For that, before the kick, pull ahulu first breath, exhale. take this attitude of calm that can well concentrate.

3.A line in contrast to the previous PES, as well as PS2, PS1 let alone. Hehehe. If you want to kick left, you push the button above. If you want to kick to the right, the bottom button to be pressed. (Can also be reversed, because in accordance with the dominant foot the kicker). After press the up / down then press SQUARE.

4.Remember! a strong you press the up / down also influence its direction. If too strong pressing the up / down, the ball can even be off the mark. So, long or fast holding direction keys, also affects the distance the ball. So also with the SQUARE button, press the SQUARE duration, affecting the strength of the kick.

Now! Good luck!. But, remember! Required to exercise the great penalty kick. Good luck !!!!!

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